Sunday, August 1, 2010

Motivation Gone Mad

Today I discovered Automotivator. To create your own Automotivator poster, you simply grab a stock image or upload your own, add a title and subtitle and voilàA motivational poster is created for your digital use or printed purchase. 

I'm not a big fan of motivational posters; you won't see any gracing my classroom walls. You'd be more likely to see a parody demotivational poster because I think they are funny and less trite.  But I tend not to put any of my opinions on the wall, motivational or otherwise.  However, it came to mind that the motivational poster format just might be useful for a new set of lessons I need to address this year. I think I'll have my Project Based Learning students create a set of posters for our Habits of Mind:
                Significance, Perspective, Evidence, Connection and Supposition
Since I intend to assign the use of this little app, I figured I ought to try my hand at it first. 
                       So I decided to depict the double meaning of my blog title:


Note: I actually did a double dip to get the look of these posters. I made one poster with a title and then saved it. Then I uploaded the saved poster and added another title. I bypassed the subtitle option altogether. Thanks again to Penelope in Second Life for the photos. A special thanks to Liz Loordes of Lear Photo Equipment and Studio in Second Life  for the lovely padded cell. 

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